How do movers move tvs?

Flat-screen TVs are the most common now, but if you need to move an older TV model, it might be too bulky to pack in a box. The second best option is to wrap this type of TV as you would wrap a piece of furniture, so instead of boxes, use a mobile blanket, bubble wrap and stretch film. If you get rid of the original box and don't want to buy a new one, you can move the TV as if it were a regular piece of furniture. Make sure to wrap it in two or three additional layers of bubble wrap and a mobile blanket.

After that, wrap the package in an elastic wrap and glue it with adhesive tape. Some moving companies carry special boxes only for flat screen televisions and other electronic devices. You should use them when they are available. If your moving company doesn't have these boxes, you can use furniture pads, which the moving company can supply.

Carefully wrap the furniture pads around the televisions. You can use packing tape to secure the pads in place. It is essential to protect the TV screen from scratches that can be caused by moving or packaging material.

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